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Trapland LDN presents ‘The Plug’ board game, which captures elements of the gritty drug culture and ‘road capitalism’ of London inner city streets. ‘The Plug’ board game allows players to experience the unconventional occupation of a ‘trapper’ on-job, with the ultimate aim of climbing the trapping ladder to become ‘The Plug‘. This can be achieved by moving ‘grub’ around Trapland LDN and generating large amounts of ‘Lizzies’.

However, there is more to being the plug than attaining ‘Lizzies’, players must be able to forward plan and save their assets until the end of the game.  To be able tell their own story of life on LDN roads.

As everyday isn’t the same on London streets, this is also reflected in ‘The Plug’. The game allows up to 8 players the experience of some of the thought-provoking and adrenaline pumping highs and lows of UK street life.

Ideal for a couple’s night in or getting a group together to engage and socialise, ‘The Plug’ has addictive and competitive pull power, with guaranteed debate after. The game takes approximately 60 – 90 minutes to complete, depending on the number of trappers playing.

Do you consider yourself a TRAPPER? Or fancy the experience of making ‘Lizzies’ on London streets? See how you get on and let us know how you finished up.

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Dimensions 48 x 23 x 4 cm

10 reviews for THE PLUG

  1. Chris Morgan

    The Plug game is truly fantastic! I saw the commercial on Instagram and thought I would give it a go with my flat mates. We currently play it every weekend and have game debates after.

    I would encourage anyone to have a go. The game is slightly complicated (so do read the rules), but it’s super insightful – and quick to understand.

    Best game I’ve played this year!

  2. Willow

    Great game!

  3. Florens Sekky

    This game is really awesome, a must have in the collection of board games. When I got this game out with a group of friends it really engaged and spiced up the night. Enough giggles and banter to leave a review and definitely recommend.

  4. Zanila Milan

    The Plug is an interactive story telling, real, authentic, full of laughter, banter, cursing and well let’s not forget humorous game. This game is so real it has every single one of us on our feet the whole time, from the intense rolling of the dice not knowing if your going – to making it to as the big baller you aim to be to having the fear of getting everything you grinded for in the week taken from you or being nicked by the Feds. This by far in all the games I’ve played (and I’m the queen of games) has to be my favourite game and gets brought out anytime I have a guest over, Christmas get ready for older generation to enjoy you now, bring out the drink and we’ll pass the hooker.

  5. Vanessa

    LOVE this game! There really isn’t anything like it out there, and it’s such a laugh to play. I bought one on a whim as I collect limited edition products, and hadn’t come across a board game of this nature before. Now, it is my go to for gatherings, house parties and nights in. The packaging is also impressive; a solid box and looks luxurious so fits into my decor a treat!

  6. Mash

    Game is wicked! It’s prefect for a night in with your peoples especially if you’re drinking or smoking! It sets the right mode and allows an evening full of banter, laughs, jokes but overall a good time! Christmas is gonna be super littt with this game boy

  7. Nikki

    The game is one of a kind, really makes you think hard and for that it makes all my friends stop using their phones when we play it. A real Friday or Saturday night get together with your friends. With Christmas coming up it’s a must buy!

  8. Tina Kagyah

    If you’re about that life then get this game! If your hearts and body ain’t about the real life version… then this is just what you need to live vicariously and experience how it feels to be The Plug and hussle for that money. Excellent for a jamming session, nothing like it. The jokes and bragging at the exchange of cash is great! Love it. Family gatherings will never be the same. Grab yours before Christmas people.


    Played this game at the weekend. It made a chilled Netflix night in with the girls an amazing evening filled with laughs and banter. I would definitely recommend!

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazing game! Bought it recently and it is my favourite board game!!! Way better monopoly, BUY, BUY, BUY.

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